Customer Complaint Mapping

Local 375ís Customer Complaint Mapping Initiative can make a difference in our communities.

The Mapping Initiative tracks water leaks, service disruptions, water main breaks, malfunctioning fire hydrants and other service problems experienced by residential and commercial customers of United Water New Jersey in Bergen and North Hudson Counties. Your information is recorded in our database, then marked on a map of over 60 towns and municipalities in the two counties.

Tracking things like United Water's response time, length of time before the company executes repairs, and time customers are without water service, enables us to go before the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, elected officials and Ratepayer Advocate with strong recommendations for legislation and utility operation guidelines aimed at improving customer service; ensuring the safe, reliable delivery of drinking water, and increasing efforts of infrastructure maintenance and upgrade.

Why is Local 375 engaged in this effort? As the 200 men and women on the front lines of United Water, we have an obligation to customers. And remember, as residents of these communities, we are your neighbors and United Water customers, too. Help us help you. Click "Customer Complaint Mapping Initiative" in the menu on the left.
About Local 375...
We are the collective bargaining unit representing over 200 highly skilled, experienced rank-and-file employees at United Water New Jersey – everyone from clerical workers and meter readers, to mechanics and operators.

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Our Mission Statement...
As a labor union, our foremost mission is protecting the employment rights of our members. But Local 375ís mission goes beyond that. As working men and women on the front lines, it is our obligation to serve as consumer watchdog, insuring customer service and the safety, integrity and reliability of the water supply.