Dear United Water New Jersey Customer:

Thank you for taking time to report your experience with United Water New Jersey. As the working men and women on the front lines, we empathize with your frustration and the hardship of having to go without running water because of the company's untimely response to your emergency. Like you, we are at the mercy of United Water, and can only respond when the company instructs us. With service and manpower reductions and an aging system, the repair wait and time it takes to restore your water service could be even longer these winter months. We hope to change that through the Customer Complaint Mapping Initiative.


The information you provide about response time, length of time before repairs were made and time without water service will help our effort before the Board of Public Utilities, elected officials and Ratepayer Advocate to enact legislation and guidelines that will improve customer service and insure the safety, integrity and delivery of your drinking water. By placing United Water's customer service record under public scrutiny, our goal is to achieve statewide standards the company would have to meet when responding to consumer emergencies – for example, a stringently enforced time guideline from the moment a leak is reported to the time repairs are made and service is restored. This will hold United Water accountable. It will force the company to make timely repairs of water leaks, fire hydrants and other problems that plague the system, as well as inspect, maintain, repair and upgrade its infrastructure. Please click the appropriate page to report your experience. (Remember, this is not a mechanism for reporting emergencies; if you have an emergency, immediately call United Water at 201-487-0011, or 1-800-422-5987.

 For water emergencies, call United Water at 201-487-0011 or 1-800-422-5987.